Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

My friend Tio called to inform me that she was child free for the day and fancied a trip to Glasgow, so after a bite to eat in the Merchant City, we dropped into the newly opened Trongate 103 arts venue for a spot of post lunch rumination. John Byrne's 'Cornerboys and Angels' was perfectly adequate until we discovered a performance of Sharmanka was about to start. Who needs to track down an opium den when this stuff's £4 and legal.

Hope you can read this.

If not, here's my abridged version:
Eduard Bersudsky secretly creates these works in his bedsit in 1970's/80's Communist Russia.

You can take as many pictures as you like as long as the flash is off.

Most of the works I've featured here were made by Eduard in Scotland over the last 15 years.

Shortly after this creepy pram performance, Tio suddenly announced she ought to be getting back Edinburgh to check on the children.


Look closely at the character on the right in my short clip who's demonstrating an unusual form of campanology.

Time to call it a day I think.


  1. Thanks for promoting Sharmanka
    May I just clarify that in Soviet bedsit Eduard created only the works in the centre of the gallery - we placed them between three walls in the same 18 sq m area as his room was. The most of big kinemats you have seen during the show he made in Scotland in last 15 years

  2. Loved the Sharmanka experience!
    Have now added an extra line to the post to clarify that most of the work featured was his 'Scottish output'.
    Many thanks.