RC Gallery Christmas Sale

RC Gallery kicked off their Christmas sale on Friday evening. Had a very tight half hour to spare (not even time for make-up...!) and braced the rain.

Here's the gist: each wall is a different price and there's even a £25 wall, easy peasy.

Here's Hannah who was so helpful on the last visit.

OK, so two great pieces but I completely fell for the one to the left which had just sold - aaaargh!

And meet its maker, to the right, REKOR. On the left is artist Rue Five.

Runs till 23rd December.


  1. i really like those paintings. especially the one in 2nd last picture above the guy in the left. with guy and girl! awesome!
    SOS-er fi xx

  2. Looks like so much fun. I love your last picture looking in.

  3. Fayoona, I agree on that one - it was really inexpensive too if I remember correctly.
    Thanks 'Welcome Home', I took another one with the flash on and it was dreadful - pot luck!

  4. Cool blog you have here! :)

    Who is the biggest blogers in England or USA. Do you know there names/blog?


  5. Nice blog.
    P.S. I'm "the guy in the left" next to Rekor.

  6. Ha, ha, thanks for stopping by the blog Rue five - shall look out for you on Friday at Recoat! x