Christmas @ We love To Boogie

Stylists, Greg Milne and Natalia Codona opened Glasgow's 'We Love To Boogie' on St Georges Road little over a year ago and have a loyal following amongst lovers of both vintage clothing and new designers.

Thursday night was their Christmas drinks soiree, I popped in early-ish. Oh, by the way, early is the new late, yes, I met someone recently who missed out on meeting Claudia Schiffer because he played it cool and went to the pub before the gallery opening, snoozers are losers and all that.

Greg had just handed me a glass of white wine when this fellow breezed in, I loved his Aran scarf and 'fade cut'. He introduces himself as Sam and is great company as we swap our favourite London/Glasgow shopping tips. (Dalston, Shoreditch, Brick Lane.) When I ask what he does himself, he tells me he's an actor. I probe further and he reveals he plays the character 'Innes' in BBC Scotland's soap opera River City.
Sam Robertson: a little bit of subsequent googling tells me he was also Ken Barlow's son Adam in Coronation Street for 3 years! Too modest Mr Robertson.
In another life, I swear, I'll choose a normal job that lets me do my nails and watch soap operas, but in this one, for my sins, I'm usually chained to either the cutting table or sewing machine till at least Newsnight.

I love that this shop caters for the boys just as much as the girls.

I ask about the 'To Let' sign in the window, there's a pause, Greg and Natalia fix eyes on each other, he smiles and asks, "Shall we just say?", Natalia concedes to spill the beans...They're moving to a larger store in the heart of Byres Road, where, alongside the clothing will be space for art, coffee and cakes and a photographer's studio. It's set to open February 2010.

I'd heard about the secret gig Glasvegas played in the shop a few months ago, what I didn't realise was that the event was entirely the idea of the band's front-man James Allan.

"I was drinking in this shop last night and I was struck by the heart and dedication of the people who run it, so I thought it would be good to come and play a few songs here." James Allan, Glasvegas.

Big gesture of support for this small independent shop. Allen announced the secret gig on Twitter 2 hours beforehand, 500 people turned up, lining the street outside.

85 St Georges Road, Charing Cross, Glasgow.
Tel: 0141 564 1396


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog, I love it. This shop looks fierce (in a good way), and supporting independant boutiques is essential. Their move to a bigger premises is exciting and if I'm ever up there I will definitely visit....

  2. It looks like so much fun!

    I want to do some serious shopping there.


  3. well i am a trillion miles away but would love to shop here! seriously.

  4. I wish you could all see it too - they have a great website though!

  5. Girl with laptop and Champagne flute = excellent!

  6. Couldn't agree more Douglas, it's the glamorous Natalia - Isn't she great?
    You do know we Glasgow girls won't do a scrap of work unless there's Champagne!