Christmas @ Che Camille

Santa dropped into Che Camille on Thursday evening and appeared to thoroughly enjoy mingling with all the attractive young ladies. Here he is with Camille.

Artist Christine Clark and fashion designer Judith R. Clarke.
They're twin sisters and have collaborated to create an art and textiles exhibition entitled The Collector.

Judy has just designed a new collection for Harris Tweed Hebrides, it launches in January.

And here's a taster of Christine's bewitching artwork which explores her hoarding tendencies and the effect this activity has on her imagination...

Table by D.I.G.

Below are two thirds of the 'Halleluwah Hits' triumvirate, who'll do their utmost to find whatever your heart desires. (As long as it's 7"-12" of pressed polyvinyl with a hole in the middle.)

The shop's currently packed with lots of distinctly unique accessories for Christmas.

A particularly 'Nihilistic' Santa with his foxy helper.

More on this man of mystery in the next post!

Christina Campbell-Delgado, Co-founder LVB Models.

"That's all folks!"


  1. santa should ALWAYS wear sneakers!

  2. Ha, ha, yip, sounds like another great sponsorship oportunity for Santa!

  3. You guys seen this yet? I showed it to Camille:

  4. Oh my God...'Sketchy Santas'...don't know how the hell you found that bonkersness but thanks for sharing!