I met Pete Doherty on Friday...

I'm delighted to have been asked to design a suit for Pete Doherty in collaboration with Che Camille.

Pete was arriving in Glasgow on Friday for the Babyshambles gig at The Barrowlands, so a meeting was arranged for that afternoon. When he arrives with his manager Adrian, Camille locks the shop and we talk through a few design details.

I've made a toile (cotton mock-up) of my pattern for him to try on to check the fit. As I'm pinning his jacket closed, he says softly, "I really like your ring", "which one?" I ask (I have four on), he points to my vintage Wedgwood cameo ring.

Turns out, Pete also really likes the 'toile' I've made for him and asks if he can take it to wear on stage tonight. Wow! Can think of nothing I'd like more, but just as I realise I need to keep it, he reads my mind and quickly volunteers - "You need it back, don't you?". I do...

With Camille.

Doing a bit more shopping...still in his toile.

Pete seems to have a genuine interest and appreciation of clothes so when he tells me he's really excited about this suit, I'm thrilled.

I persuade Adrian to let me get a pic of his remarkable vintage Lee denim jacket. It's from 1947 and is a present from a Bayshamble in return for a rather special guitar. I guess that makes it priceless although he joked they're still arguing over who got the better deal!

It's a great gig, Pete commands the stage looking elegantly punkish in a Crombie style coat and signature hat. They sound shit-hot.

I suddenly feel a refreshingly gentle spritz descend on my head, face, and camera. Plastic pint glasses of lager are being spontaneously hurled overhead in all directions, looking dazzlingly striking, as they arc through the light beams.

After queuing for drinks and the loos all night, I discover the passes Pete and Adrian gave us are "V.I.P. Access All Areas"... Doh!

More Babyshambles, Adam and Drew, backstage.

The venue is left littered with some very odd items, including a lady's boot!
Adrian's mum and dad, Betty and Teddy, assure me that this is quite normal after a Babyshambles gig.


  1. Thanks 'Walk The Sand', the ring came from Abergavenny antiques market!

  2. What's he like in real life? Did you expect him to be different or was he about what you thought he'd be like? Poor Pete, he looks pretty sick and tired, I hope he's at least doing a bit better. Interesting fellow though.

  3. oh my god jealous! how amazing, love babyshambles and of course pete doherty- and you're making him a suit! unreal


  4. Hi Marina, I have just started following your blog. Perhaps you'd like to follow my sporadic blogging http://lazyeyemanagement.blogspot.com/?zx=367f7bf42657a274
    I am going to brave the city today for my Xmas shopping so may pop in a see you folks and perhaps pick up a little something for my maw's Xmas. All suggestions welcome because I am crap at shopping.

  5. Ganymede Girl and LoliTa, Pete was indeed completely knackered after weeks of back to back gigging. I found him very warm, open, personable, gently spoken, inquisitive - he also mimmicked my accent brilliantly! He cuts an elegant figure and is very likeable.
    Adrian, I'm sure you got your Mum something great but here's my tip: Take your Mum for lunch somewhere 'real fancy', just you and her, how about the new Blythswood Square Hotel for afternoon tea with Champagne!
    Your blog looks great, can't wait to read it properly, have put a link in my sidebar.

  6. I'm so jealous.

    I got so over excited when my friend just spotted him in Sheffield. I would have literally wept if I'd met him!

  7. I like your blog. It is amazing.

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pics of my hero Pete. He looks dapper wearing his new amazing suit. I have always been inspired by him. I love the style and his colour coordinations.

    I would appreciated if you could tell me where I can buy Petes clothes: hats, boots, shoes, (ribbed) vests .

    Thank you

  8. Hi Boushra, thank you!
    Peter makes time to explore local vintage stores for these things when he's on tour.