Jamie Grant & His Heroic Jacket

The familiarity of this jacket is what first alerted me that I'd met Jamie before. I'd been visiting the creative hub that is Hope Street Studios a few weeks ago, when designer Rab from Rabii Denim dropped in with this unusual brown denim jacket for Jamie. I know Rab and couldn't stop myself chipping in... "Perfect fit, unexpected colour for denim, unusual buttons".

So last Thursday at Che Camille's Christmas bash, I spotted Jamie and persuaded him to pose for a picture in his Rabii Denim Jacket. We then put the world to rights, over a glass of mulled wine. I ask Jamie what he does himself, he looks at me like I've just asked him if he'd like Red Kryptonite with his mince pie and I get a distinctly evasive answer. (He doesn't know who he's dealing with though.) I use my super powers of persuasion and eventually he simply says he's "a colourist". That's fine, I'm getting quite adept at Googling all these marvelously modest sorts I keep meeting, Jamie's from Dunfermline in The Kingdom of Fife and according to my unscientific findings, when it comes to being too modest, Fifers are the worst offenders...

"HOLY COMIC BOOKS BATMAN...! - This comic book colourist and digital inker is one of the most revered on our plannet."

Jamie's done some incredible work for DC Comics' Superman series...

A few years ago I met 'All Star Superman' writer, Grant Morison. We were part of a focus group for the Glasgow Science Centre. We bonded on discovering a mutual nostalgia for Glasgow's once derelict and blackened Victorian buildings. On childhood visits to Glasgow, their mysterious darkness was captivatingly unfamiliar to a New Town girl like myself. I don't think either of us was 'on message' and on reflection, our contributions were possibly a thorn in the side of the group, who were plainly excited about the city's shiny new buildings.

Should also mention that both Superman writer Grant Morison and artist Frank Quitely are Glaswegians.

Wait a minute, I recognise that cheeky grin, is it just me or do Superman and Jamie look bizarrly similar...those dimples...the Clark Kent glasses...it can't be...surely not right here in Glasgow?
He did have to race off into the night back to, the good over evil sounding, Hope Street Studios. Think I'm onto something here.

Hang on, isn't that Superman chilling out on the roof of Hope Street Studios?


  1. I know and I love how the pockets are 'hand' shaped.

  2. Very cool jacket. I love casual jackets like this they look so smart and stylish.