Transient Twilight

I thought I'd perfectly timed this dog walk to enjoy the last of the daylight and had just snapped these pics, when Archie developed an interest in a passing dog. It belonged to a chatty young blind man. By the time we'd covered the gamut of amiable dog owner stuff and were on the subject of camping holidays, it dawned on me that I was still in the heart of the park and the light was fading fast.

Was about to say, "Lovely to meet you but I should be getting on because it's turning dark now" when this suddenly felt like a tactless thing to say to someone who's blind, so, instead I said,"Lovely to meet you but I should be getting on, or I'll be late".

And how did he reply? "Was nice to talk to you, I'll SEE you later"...
Must stop being so politically correct!

I know my pictures make it look like I've been 'night walking' but it honestly wasn't quite that dark.

Stumbled on this beautiful image yesterday and found it captivating twilight-ish, it's from the latest Filep Motwary and Maria Mastori collection. I do love twilight - even the word itself, such a shame those bloody vampires pinched it. Alexander McQueen, below, also appears to be channeling the gloaming.

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