You lucky Londonistas...
The second ever WilliamVintage sale takes place next Tuesday and Wednesday at The Sloane Square Hotel. William Banks-Blaney has collated an astonishing collection of mint condition vintage dresses, coats and sparates, which I somehow feel compelled to coin 'mintage'.

I asked Will for a heads-up on what to expect...
"Everything from Wakely evening dresses to pieces by Dior, Givenchy, Lanvin, Ossie Clark, Pucci, Valentino, and many more designers. Oh, and about a hundred carefully selected 1960s coats, all in pristine condition!".

This is all starting to sound like a dream trolley dash around the V&A!...

£250 gets an original Studio 54 period Stephen Burrows a-line full length dress.
£300ish gets a cashmere and mink 60s Jackie O style swing coat.
£400-600 gets Ossie Clark beauties.
£1200 gets original 63 couture Marc Bohan for Christian Dior!

Damn I wish I could go. Can actually feel a little tantrum welling, I'm not very practiced at them but bet I could throw a spectacular one in a 'cashmere 60s Jackie O swing coat' with matching gloved fists pounding the table! Grrr...

Tuesday 2nd February 12 noon - 8.30pm
Wednesday 3rd February 10am - 8.30pm

The Private Room at The Sloane Square Hotel London, SW1
Cash & cheque only and skilled seamstresses will be on hand for tailoring requirements.

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  1. Nice post! make sure and give us a peak on whats going on for the Spring! congrats on the suit!
    This blog is great! love it!

  2. Thanks Natural selection, looking at your new profile pic, you appear to be channeling the zeitgeist without any help from me...have just referenced Ian Curtis in the latest post! I love your site too!

  3. Do go to this WilliamVintage sale. I went yesterday and the stuff is wonderful. I am also the proud owner of two gorgeous 1960s swing coats from his last sale. I've never looked back! And he found my wedding dress (1969) for me. He's a genius.

  4. Marina!!! i will have my mini Williamvintage will banks-blaney fashion show ready on sat at 6.30! you may well have a hairy fit when you see this stuff- i bought 8 pieces, wish i'd bought more!!! its amazing- and you know i don't normally 'do vintage'- to use your phrase, it was absolutely Mintage!!! absolutely immaculate in every way- i'm giddy with it!!! wooo!!!
    Jo Mickel

  5. Jessica - was a glamorous blonde elbowing you out of the way the whole time?… Yes, thought so, apologies, that was my friend Jo. Your vintage '69 wedding dress sounds incredible! God bless Will.B.B. x

    Jo - I'm apoplectic with excitement! Can't believe you're putting on a trunk show of all your WilliamVintage booty for me. (You do realise, if Will gets wind of what we're up to he'll be straight on the first flight up!)
    Pleeeease let me announce each outfit as you walk in - couture salon style? I'll bring some props, '60s black patent vanity case?
    Now, what to wear myself? Mmmn, think I'll start with chamois leather gloves, a structured handbag and a chypre perfume…

  6. Marina, reporting scotland here, live from london. the William Vintage Sale summer 2010....it was a rare and special priviledge to even touch some of the pieces- the V and A are taking some of the rarer dresses- they should be preserved for all to see, not some sloany to spill red wine on...we took the stairs two by two at fitzroy square, Will B-B had cleverly arranced the rails in front of the floor to ceiling open windows so the blinding sunshine was diffusing through the oceans of blues, aquas and turquoise maxi dresses, most of which had shoulder to floor silk scarves which were caught by the breeze and beconing us in...., it was quite breathtaking!!! and then the rammy began, every time i thought i'd finished with the trying ons, got the jeans back on, another delight was passed round the changing room door, squeals of excitement a plenty! sealed with a loving discount, we were all SOOOOOO happy!! you are coming next time whether you like it or not!!!!! Jo xxx

  7. Absolutely outstanding description Jo... thank you! xxx