MACHINE-A: London Fashion Week Party

MACHINE-A's Paul Joyce and Stavros KarelisPaul's incredible top is by Lina Osterman.

Ok, let's cut to the chase, I'm a huge fan of this shop and gallery, they totally won me over at last year's fashion week and I'm delighted that this business is gaining some real torque on the London 'fashion map'. You can read how it all started in my post from last year
Showcasing an achingly intelligent selection of work from emerging designers and artists, it's a stylist's dream and I imagine one day this Soho shop will be talked about with the same mythical fervour now evoked by Vivienne Westwood's 70s shop SEX

Monday night was MACHINE-A's London Fashion Week party...

Designer Gabriella Marina Gonzales beside her A/W 2010 Victorian Sci-fi Surgery collection. Gabriella told me she hand cuts and polishes all the components herself.

Designer Asger Juel Larsen, who also had some fabulous chain-mail garments in the windows on my last visit.

These are metal tubes!

A short film featuring Asger's work.

Cute knockers from Designer Gemma Slack who I was really keen to meet but even with Stavros and Paul on look-out, the party was so busy that it was all a bit "Oh, she was just here but she definitely went that way..." So sadly, I ended up without a pic of Gemma.

Stumbled on the brilliant work of accessories and jewellery designer Russell "Random Bangle" just before Fashion Week last Autumn. I dropped him an email and got no response but resolved to keep an eye open for any clues as to who the mysterious "Random Bangle" might be. When I did the previous post on Digitaria (as MACHINE-A was formerly named) I'd ommited to ask this chap his name in order to credit him. Yip, you guessed it, the person who waved me through when he couldn't find my name on the guest list back in September was Random himself. I've just confessed all to him which is probably why he's mischievously chuckling!

Maker of sublimely beautiful music, Jim "Warboy".

Anna Volosenko from Stylistique blog

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Chun P.Lin, Photographer


This coat intrigued me because it looked like toile fabric, turns out it is a sort of toile but fully lined and from the workshop of Westwood! 

Millie from MACHINE-A

Sculptor Henry Mackay-Bull wearing a wonderful chain made by a friend's Father from bone!

Love's KT, designer.

MACHINE-A  (Digitaria)
60 Berwick St

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