Suzy Menkes is a Pete Doherty Fan

My determination to get some decent pictures of Pete perform in our suit (with my rather small camera), meant constant combat with the crush of 'proper' front-line shooters. A fan pressed to my right is snapping lots of pictures with her iPhone. We periodically lean on each other as our arms stretch upwards to clear the battalion of lenses. 

I now really have to rest my arm. Glancing sideways to see who I've been rubbing shoulders with, I do a double take. Silhouetted and bobbing up and down beside me is the unmistakable quiff of Suzy Menkes. Appropriately dressed in red white and blue, she coordinates perfectly with the Union Jack behind Pete and is very clearly enjoying herself.

Straight after the gig I seek Suzy out for a proper picture but she's fast on her feet so the chase is on. I'm afraid I have a distinct memory of ungainly ducking through an empty garment rail to gain the advantage. This isn't impressing the crowd, I can almost sense them holding their breath at the 'fashion car crash' which may be about to unfold. Finally cornering Suzy, I ask if I can have a portrait picture for the blog, then gush that I'm the designer of Pete's suit. 

She now smiles and simply asks "Do you have a card?" As I draw one from my bag and hand it to her I swear I can hear the assembled luminaries collectively exhale in relief. I'm deemed redeemed.

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  1. i like that second jacket