Sebastien Tellier @ Paris Fashion Week

Loved this jacket and had a hunch I knew who was wearing it. There's a brilliant site called The Unknown Hipster whose anonymous author covers all the shows, he has long hair, a beard and trademark shades. As I'm taking this picture we have a brief chat and I ask, "What do you do yourself?"
"Musician", he replies with a thick French accent. Oh well, definitely not The Unknown Hipster, shame.
"Do you have a MySpace site or anything you'd like me to link to?" He nods.
"Could I ask you to write it here?" I pass him my little notepad and pen.

This is what I get back...

He seems to think I've asked for his autograph. "Erm, you couldn't print your name underneath, could you?"
The girl beside him appears to be relishing this misunderstanding and (suppressing a smile) explains to him. "I think she wants you to write your name".

Ah. It's Sebastien Tellier and turns out he's rather famous in France. "I'm sorry, I'm from Scotland", I offer before scuttling off...


  1. Hot!

    I love big Sebastian Tellier. He did Eurovision one time, but I think he's much better than that to be honest, compared with the standards required for Eurovision these days...

  2. I love Tellier his music is awesome! I am sure that he's making his accent heavier than it is (after all when he sings in english it's not that awful)!

  3. haha, great story! :)
    and Tellier is great....

    I like your photos (and fashions)!