Esprit D'escalier 'Wait For Revenge' Party @ Blackfriars

The world would be a much duller place without Mia.

Matthias, DJ Esprit and host of the 'Wait For Revenge' party at Blackfriars. 

 Shapes! Sub City Radio DJ and founder of Synth.

Cal, Yasamin and Ciaran.

Tommy looked great in this blazer.
He confessed that it came from the teen section of M&S and was such a bargain he snapped up a navy one too...

Blair Mackinnon and 'Fangs' drummer JoJo Doll.

ESQ 'V' Megamegaman in a remarkable live face off.

All friendly stuff though!

Shapes!, whose energetic and hard-hitting final set only fuelled the excellent rave like vibe.

When Matthias first gave me his flyer I was very impressed with how D.I.Y. it looked. Turns out it really was hand made and here's the proof...


  1. The blazer is awesome..just love that. i need go see what my tailor has made for the spring!

  2. great post...incredible pictures...expecially black & white

  3. Great flyer, love the DIY look

    Sleekit x

  4. loved mia's look and the girl with the short hair!! veryyyyy hot!!!!!!