Jeanette and Karlie @ London Fashion Week

 James Main a.k.a. "Jeanette" with Karlie of Pins London.

When I first approached Jeanette and Karlie for a picture, they turned me down. It was "Not a good time".  I'm afraid it takes more than that to completely put me off, so when I passed them looking more relaxed a little later on, I tried again and got my pic...just!

'Muse' to Gareth Pugh and Giles Deacon, he opened his East London boutique 'Jeanette's' last summer. Twitter tells me Jeanette's is setting up shop in the basement of Brix Smith-Starts' boutique Start London from today...


  1. Love your blog! Following u, follow me too?
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  2. thats a brilliant picture and li love their style... we get turned down quite a few times...but ofcourse we neevr give up :) ...good work on waiting till they were in a better state of mind :)
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  3. I love your picture! There's a little post about Jeanette's shop at mine xx