ULTIMATE THRUSH Live @ Cry Parrot Party

Been curious to see this 'spazzcore' punk band for a while now and at 2am last Thursday I got my chance. Glasgow's ULTIMATE THRUSH were part of the superb line-up playing Cry Parrot's birthday party at The Flying Duck. Just £5 on the door (ULTIMATE BARGAIN). 

When it takes ten minutes for the band to fully emerge from a 'wrything, strobing cocoon', someone beside me jokes, "maybe they can't find the zip"! 

Oh my God, what I can't convey is the sheer speed these instruments were being played at.  I'm aware it looks like I have a mild obsession with drummers (probably do actually) but the drums were the only thing properly 'lit'.

Only a couple of songs in and the power is pulled on ULTIMATE THRUSH. Apparently the crowd moshing on stage is creating a safety concern... for the equipment... 

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