La Torre's remix of Adam Ficek's "One Born Every Minute".

Adam Ficek backstage at Glasgow Barrowlands last year. 

In a feat of terrible photography I not only made Adam's fur trimmed parka look like Bjork's swan outfit but even managed to get myself in shot in the mirror behind. Anyway, discovered the 'La Torreremix of Adam's new single "One Born Every Minute" via Twitter this weekend and it's been the soundtrack to my bank holiday, and counting...
Roses Kings Castles - One Born Every Minute (La Torre's Love Story Dub) by 360degreemusic

This is going to sound weird but La Torre's 'treatment' really appeals because it reminds me of the brilliant 1985 U.S. remix of Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy's "Kiss Me"...


  1. My gosh - you just put a gi-normous smile on my face with that Steven'tin tin'Duffy song. Total flashbacks. TX