The Model Tenement

I am now a woman of substantial property.

Attaching the gable ends to the front and rear elevation was a bit hairy but 'topping out' went like a dream, so I celebrated with a gin and tonic.

A misspent youth experimenting with glue and messing about with Stanley knives once led me to create my own theatre from an empty After Eight box. It was frustratingly small but my cast of banqueting Medieval 'Busy Bodies' seemed impressed enough with its interchangeable backdrops.

Incredibly, it turns out there's actually a career in all this sticky back plastic malarkey, wish I'd known.  "Architectural Model Makers" they call them these days and rather nice they were too. When I bought their 'Scottish Tenement' kit at the Hidden Lane Festival, I asked Franki Finch and Beth Fouracre if there were any tricks of the trade to adhere to... "Not too much glue".

Think I might also have made a half decent estate agent because my picture makes it look a wee bit bigger than its mere handspan height.

Now then, if only my new tenement block had floors. I could decorate one flat in the style of each decade from 1910 till the 80s, how exciting, thinking about all this is probably going to keep me awake in bed tonight.

Quite fancy a townhouse next...

You too can join this racket, for the modest sum of nineteen new pounds. (Slum landlords need not apply.)

Architectural model makers Finch and Fouracre.


  1. Amazing! I want to be my own landlord! 19 quid you say? Right, that's earmarked after payday (damn 5 week month...)

  2. hey, its chloe here, the girl with the pink hair. i met you at bloc one night and i was telling you how much i like yr blog? anyway i thought you might be interested in this- i worked here for years when i lived in london. its a toy theatre shop! they have a museum too which is my favourite place in the whole world. if you like models you'll love it x

  3. Madame G, I highly recommend you invest. x

    Chloe, thank you so much for sharing this link, what an amazing place to have worked?
    Hope you're well, it was lovely to chat with you at Bloc.
    Definitely going to visit this shop and their museum. Model making could fast become my favourite dispacement activity ha, ha! Off to count out my pocket money… x