Time Out's 'Performer of The Year' Scottee - hits The Fringe!

I'd always assumed that wearing too much make-up and working "in fashion" precluded me from ever being a feminist. So imagine my surprise, when late one boozy evening whilst trying to drink my friend Neil under the table, he suddenly announced, "Like it or not Marina, your beliefs do appear to be unequivocally feminist." Nearly fell off my chair.

Performance artist Scottee and friends are hitting the Edinburgh Fringe in August with his production Eat Your Heart OutI bought tickets immediately. An intelligent thought provoking cabaret performance incorporating superb costumes and too much make-up sounds like the perfect opportunity to explore my new found feminism.

I actually met Scottee last September at MACHINE-A and he was incredibly sweet, although had I read his "press" beforehand, I'd have been absolutely terrified!

"This performance artist is revolting, omnipresent & so-hot-right-now experimental." - Bizarre Magazine.
"London's most experimental rising talent" - Time Out.
"Watch out, Scottee's taking over" - Dazed & Confused. 
"A theatrical equivalent to having sand kicked in your eye" - Pigeons & Peacocks.
"Subversively dark" - Run Riot.
"Phenomenal'' - Time Out

Not only is he the Time Out 'Performer Of The Year', but he's got some fascinating reservations about burlesque which I was curious to ask him about.

Style Scanner: I'm personally rather intrigued by your 'feminist' views on burlesque...

Scottee: I grew up surrounded by feminists and something just doesn't sit right with me, when we think 100 years ago women were throwing themselves under horses for the right to equality and now 'feminism' takes the shape of 'getting your tits out'.

Style Scanner: So how did you come to be surrounded by feminists growing up?

Scotee: When I was 14 I ran away with the circus, well the theatre really - I was encouraged by Spare Tyre Theatre Company - who set themselves up in the 70s at a weight watchers class and identified they were not the problem, society was. So it was bound to rub off! 
I have nothing against women who decide to take their clothes of for a living - but attempting to make it artistic, empowering and political is wrong - should we really be encouraging this as the du jour of cabaret in 2010? I think the same way about men moving their mouths to other peoples songs - as artists this country has become a little stagnant and my aim with EYHO is to showcase NEW, INNOVATIVE, DIVERSE AND CHALLENGING work.

Style Scanner: How silly of me, of course you ran away with the circus! Tell me, what's written in your passport under 'occupation'?

Scottee: Show off. Performer. Piss taker. X

Style Scanner: Ha, ha, thanks Scottee, see you in August! 

I know one thing for sure - it WON'T be anything like this...

Tickets have now gone on sale, click here for dates.

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