Anastasia and Duck (Well, just Duck actually)

Stumbled on newish fashion blog Anastasia and Duck a couple of months ago and immediately loved its author's candid and unselfconscious writing style. This refreshing point of view might be a result of Glasgow born Michael (Duck) being a NON fashion insider, he's currently at Oxford doing a PHD in Materials Science! Cosmopolitan seem to like his blog too, he was recently invited to attended the bash for their 'Fashion and Style' blogger award nominees.

We've become pals on the bloggersphere, so when he tweeted on Friday that he was Glasgow bound for the weekend I wondered if he'd fancy a sneak peek of the WilliamVintage couture collection. This formal sounding 'preview soiree' was actually just a cover for an afternoon of 'frock fondling' and 'Pimms slurping' round my friend Jo's.

Can't believe I managed to crop out Duck's gold Tina Lilienthal rabbit necklace.

Anastasia and Duck blog  (Haven't got to the bottom of it yet but have a hunch Anastasia may actually be a stuffed owl...)
Anastasia and Duck on Twitter

Thanks Michael and Mama Duck for dropping by to say hello. x

*Edit* Michael has also done a post on our meeting which you can read here.


  1. HAHA Omg... Thanks for posting this, and thanks for inviting us! Stuffed, as if! Anastasia is alive and pecking. She's pecking me right now.


  2. Oh my, so Anastasia's a real owl? Now, you wouldn't be kidding me on would you? I'm terribly gullible you know...

  3. I'm not sure I know what's real and what's fake anymore