The WilliamVintage Scottish Sale...

This was the gloriously Prisoner like scene which greeted me on on arrival at the press day for the WilliamVintage Scottish Sale.

My friend Jo in a dress she bought at the recent WilliamVintage London sale. 

Dresses were on and off all day long. 

The fabulous William Banks-Blaney! Will's knowledge and enthusiasm is breathtaking, he can tell you exactly who was designing for which house at any given time, which house they'd come from and where they went next. 

DJ Heather Suttie. After meeting at his London sale, Heather hatched a plan to invite Will to do a WilliamVintage Couture sale alongside her 'Say No To Plastic' event this Sunday 3rd July at Oran Mor.

Daily Record features writer Avril Cadden, you can read the piece she wrote here.

Will explained that ladies would have the 'year' carefully unpicked from the label to disguise that it wasn't from the current season, see above and below...

Now it's our turn...

The first ever WilliamVintage Scottish Sale Facebook page.

Meet Heather and Will this Sunday 3rd July at 'Say No To Plastic' from 12pm at Oran Mor, Glasgow. 


  1. That's fascinating, must have been great to chat to someone with all that vintage knowledge! Wish I could make that event tomorrow, sounds so interesting x

  2. wow, i've never seen a sale like this before, the way the shop was set up in this amazing location. WOW WOW WOW.

  3. Such a shame you couldn't have come along but I think he'll be back! x

  4. Oh Lord, how could I have missed such an event? Stumbled on your blog by accident and now Im biting my nails in anguish! I guess it means I must follow it in order to not miss something like this again!