Paul Nicholls - "DJ Thee Mr Mister" R.I.P.

Paul and Chris at 'Un-Scene' in June.

Incredibly sadly, Paul passed away a week on Sunday aged 27. His funeral was last Thursday, followed by a memorial celebration party that evening at Glasgow's Bar Bloc where he'd hosted his brilliant Un-Scene parties

Diagnosed with bowel cancer at New Year, he documented the last 8 months of his life on the uncompromisingly frank blog 'Music is Disease'. Paul was very clear that he wanted his funeral to be FUN.

This might sound silly but I had an imaginary chat with him just before his funeral which went something like this:

Me: "Paul, do you think it would be OK if I take pictures at your funeral party?"

Paul: "No!  ....Ha, ha, just kidding - AYE, DO IT!!!" (He was a big fan of cap locks!)

Wasn't planning to film at the ceremony itself but felt compelled to capture a blast of all the energy and love being shown towards him...

A lot of Paul's friends came up from London but I know not everyone could make it so if you're curious, the service began with Mama Cass loudly imploring us all to "Make Your Own Kind of Musicand once again Paul had us in the palm of his hand, this time laughing and crying in equal measure. I learned that he was an accomplished pianist and violinist! His white coffin was led out to Prince's Purple Rain and rapturous applause. The Evening Times covered his funeral.

Think this might be the biggest picture post ever, so have provided some familiar musical accompaniment...

Paul's fiance Chris.

Mum Linda and sister Claire.

Big props to Craig and Fraser for keeping us in tunes all night.

I feel very privileged to have known Paul. Not well enough to know he was an accomplished pianist and violinist mind you but well enough to get the flavour of him and I really liked him. He would regularly pop-up on Facebook to chat, he once told me his Marie Curie nurse was his "guardian angel" and that he couldn't praise her highly enough. I know he'd hoped to do a fundraiser for the charity.

Will now be reminded of him every time I hear Adam Sky's "I am The Fly" and whenever I see:
Purple glitter,
A memory foam mattress

And make your own kind of music.
P.S. They bloody better have Memory Foam mattresses in heaven - or there's going to be BIG TROUBLE!

This post is also dedicated to Chris, Claire, Linda, Wean the dog and all of Paul's friends.

Mark wrote a lovely piece about his friendship with Paul on The Diamonds in The Dirt blog.

"Don't mourn the dead for they are still alive", Paul Nicholls.

Paul's incredible blog, Music is Disease.

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  1. very sad to hear this Paul was such a huge inspiration and such a genuinely nice guy...x