Thursday night...

Busy night on Thursday. Artist Omar came round for dinner to discuss a collaboration we're working on. We then all made our way to Glasgow's Merchant City. First up is a quick drink at The Brunswick to celebrate the launch of Electronica Magazine. Omar's taking pics tonight too, he's just started an events blog.

Then on to Stereo for Les Garcon's 'Offline' party...

Jonathan and Daniel, Les Garcons de Glasgow. 


  1. thats me at the bottom...a gin soaked mess before returning home to mourn my make-up bag =(
    was an uh-mazing night though

  2. Great photographs, Marina. Such a fun night. xo

  3. These photos are so "live" I really enjoy them! Love that Glasgow creative energy!


    P.S What did you have for dinner that night??

  4. Beewaits, sorry to hear you lost your make-up bag, nightmare, by the time you pay to replace everything don't you start wishing it had just been your purse you lost instead? x

    Garcons D&J, thank you, it sure was a fun night! x

    Ha, ha, Natural Selection, trust you to ask that! Here you go:

    Starter: Air dried tuna (Mojama).
    Main: Tart of wild Scottish chanterelles, picked that morning.
    (A bottle of Manzanilla was consumed throughout.)

    The planned dessert was Eton Mess but we vetoed it in favour of my home made redcurrant vodka… x