Bimbo Beautiful Interview

Fashion journalism student Nadine Walker emailed yesterday to let me know the wee interview she'd asked for a while back had appeared in her college paper and is now also up on her fashion blog: Bimbo Beautiful...

In The Spotlight: Style Scanner

I caught up with Marina, the finger typing behind Style Scanner which she calls "Glasgow style blog. Street style, fashion, photos, people, art, music...and the occasional car" to talk about bloggers and Glasgow.....

Marina is a Glasgow designer and is the brains and creativity behind 'Style Scanner' the Glasgow based fashion scanner.

"Over the last few years, I’d see all these amazingly dressed people in Glasgow and always lamented not being able to record their “look”. I kind of wanted to say “Hey, world, Glasgow has cool people too!”, so a blog seemed worth a shot."

BB: Marina's quick to share the down side to blogging; 

"It’s a pretty time consuming hobby but it feels rewarding being able to share whatever interesting stuff comes into my radar.”

BB: Many agree that bloggers, blogging and blogs share a unique fast paced sharing tool that isn't available in the main stream run-of-the-mill media. Powerful yi' say? 

"I don’t know if anyone is quite able to quantify the power bloggers have in influencing the public, however a bloggers self portrait is typically more naturally posed than the usual fashion industry image and may be perceived to be more authentic and less cynical. I’ve recently seen press packs from designers with models  striking very similar poses to those of some well known fashion bloggers!”

BB: Nylon or knight cat? 

“I choose reading blogs over buying magazines now, a magazine is perhaps perceived to require more commitment. I don’t think it’s the end of print journalism but bloggers, some of whom can write pretty well, are tweeting from the front row of Chanel, while magazine journalists have to endure a lead time of up to 6 months.”

BB: Look out for: Style Scanner interview Coming soon talking about her designs! 

Thanks Nadine, enjoyed being interviewed by you!
Nadine's blog, Bimbo Beautiful.


  1. i LOVE your site and looking at the amazing people you photograph


  2. Jolene, that's so kind of you to say!
    I notice you also have a blog and are reporting from the new frontier... Glasgow's East End. Looking forward to more tales from the East. xx