Heather Suttie Says No To Plastic

TV presenter and DJ, Heather Suttie with Craig Fitzpatrick, founder of Luxbars, bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to Stravaigin.

One thing that may surprise you about Heather is that she's passionate about addressing the detrimental effects of plastic packaging on the environment!
I didn't realise till meeting her that she's the force behind the hugely popular "Say No To Plastic" vintage sales at Oran Mor.

She also created the The "Say No To Plastic" reusable bag in collaboration with fashion designer Aimee McWilliams, it completely sold out so if you were an early adopter and bagged yourself one, congratulations.

Being a signed up member of 'camera club' myself, I admire that she regularly photographs the plastic bags littering the streets of Glasgow to illustrate how badly we're coping with this problemWould love to know what passers by think when they spot her stylish form crouching to snap litter..."Hang on, isn't that Heather Suttie...?" 

Heather's next "Say No to Plastic" vintage and craft sale is this Sunday 14th Nov, 12.30 - 5.30pm at Oran Mor.

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