The Che Camille X Menergy Vogue Ball

Some inspiration to which we can only aspire, the mother of them all, Dangerkat.

OK, this sounds absolutely hilarious, next Saturday November 13th, Che Camille joins forces with Menergy's Lady Munter, The Niallist and Vanity Thrills for a fashion show and 'vogue off' at the Barras Centre. 
Doors open 9pm 
Che Camille fashion show 10pm 
Voguing championships 12am 
Disco on with Kid Zipper, The Niallist and Jon Pleased Wimmin till 3am. 

Old way, new way or just your own way, why not bust some of your own moves? There's like rules 'n' shit - but you do get a few quid off entry. Pick a name for your 'House' (team of 3-5), appoint a 'Mother' (leader), or enter solo! Just choose your music and submit your entry form here. Registered so far are the Houses of: Munter, LVB, Vanity, Gilmore, LUYD, Growler, Loco and Hellfire...

It's £10 and bring your own bottle, Che Camille for ticket info.

Don't just stand there, let's get to it...


  1. Oh WOW - that sounds like a fabulous party idea! Hope you'll be posting pics ;)

  2. Class! Will see If I can come...schedule permitting...

  3. Ha, ha, I'll be taking pics for sure!!! x