Zombie Walk 2010 - Glasgow's Most Stylish...

Last Sunday afternoon, Kelvingrove Park attracted even more walking dead than usual for the annual Glasgow Zombie Walk. 

Delighted to be able to say that even Jesus has now been on Style Scanner.

Zombie facts: Glasgow zombies appear to prefer soft drinks to coffee, smoke a fair amount and occasionally use mobile phones.

Favourite quote (one lumbering zombie to another): "Seen anyone you know yet?"

A female zombie suddenly grabs hold of my elbow and sweetly, but forcefully, suggests I come with her. I have an overwhelming feeling of foreboding about this, it's a bit like the time some 'big girls' stole my sweets. 
I'm led a few steps and told to look at the ground. Barely have time to register a pile of leaves before this happened...

Was so good, I asked for a re-enactment...


  1. Amazing! I'm ashamed to say I've never been to this in the flesh but the photos always make me want to get dressed as a fellow undead abomination and saunter along. Next year! x

  2. Awesome!! Looks like great fun and quite a turn out too

  3. damn missed it AGAIN!! aaargh!

  4. The photos are so scary! I won't sleep tonight! ^^'


  5. Oh my God! Great shots - I went to the zombie walk in Louisville Kentucky - zombies are taking over the world it seems!!

  6. This looks great! Shame my post-Club Noir hangover was too hefty...could have made a pretty convincing zombie!
    Next year!

  7. Ha, ha, thanks all - yes the zombies made a monumental effort this year! xx