Spotted 'In The Company of Wolves'...

Wednesday was the second In The Company of Wolves charity fashion show at Glasgow's Sub Club.

Claire, author of the 'Bee Waits for No-one' blog and one half of award winning fashion event partnership: "In The Company of Wolves".

Graeme Kennedy, who was celebrating 21 candles. Happy birthday Graeme.

Craig Anderson with Lynne Anderson, owner of Tatty Bon vintage store.


Alan Moore, designer ten30.

Nicholas Douglas (recently signed to LVB Models) and Craig.

Congratulations to the creators of In The Company of Wolves, Claire Stewart and Ally Turnbull.

Pics from the fashion show to follow...


  1. Wow, love the Wednesday picture. Stunning!

  2. Thanks Judith - have just noticed the incredible 'chocolate Archie dogs' on your blog - pleeeease can I have a dog! xxx

  3. Woah - Alan Moore has had a haircut, a shave and changed profession!