'Hattie' is what's occurring...

Last Sunday, Jacqueline (she's in Bafta daaahling!) invited me to the preview screening of 'Hattie', a new BBC TV biopic of the Carry-On actress Hattie Jacques. 
Coincidentally, Jacqueline's been playing "Matron" herself recently after her partner came off his bike, ouch - get well soon Leo!

I make it to the GFT cinema just as the opening credits are rolling. My eyes have now gone from snow blindness to just plain blind. After a brief kerfuffle and some unintentional groping (from me), my 'suggested' seat becomes illuminated by torchlight. Have no idea where Jacqueline is seated. 

My snow drenched fedora isn't the only thing starting to get steamy. As the film gets underway, we're quickly introduced to Gavin and Stacey actress Ruth Jones as Hattie Jacques and Aiden Turner as her vigorous young lover, John Schofield. 

It's an intriguing story, all shot in and around Glasgow by Angel Eye Media

After the screening, we're invited across the road to the Blythswood Square Hotel for drinks and nibbles.

Felt slightly awkward approaching Aiden Turner for a picture given I'd spent a large part of the past hour watching him making love.

Costume designer Claire Finlay.

BBC4's 'Hattie' will be coming soon...


  1. Aiden Turner is a fine specimen. I preferred him in Being Human, however.

  2. Graeme, I'm afraid he lost both his long hair and Irish accent for this role! x
    Dimitri, it was indeed rather fabulous, ha ha x

  3. When is this airing?

  4. Caim45, it's expected to air in the New Year. x

  5. Lovely pix of Mr Turner. Weirdly he reminded me of David Walliams in Hattie, it was slightly disconcerting!