Red Currant Vodka

I don't cope very well with holidays "in the country" and inevitably start 'making things' - the very pursuit I'm supposed to be escaping! 

Had been eyeing up these plump red currants for a day or two before eventually swooping in with my scissors.

Red currant vodka: 
Fill large glass bottles or jars with the red currants to almost half way up, then top up nearly to the top with vodka. Went with Russian Standard simply because it was on offer. How much sugar to add is a bit of a black art but try at least 100 grams to start, you can always add more 'to taste' after a few weeks. 

After 5 or 6 weeks, once all sugar has dissolved and you're happy with the taste, pour the liquor into a jug. Through a sieve is the easiest way to catch all the fruit.
Now funnel the red currant vodka into a clean decanter or bottle. Decanting through a coffee filter paper takes a bit longer but gives a wonderfully clear finish. 

The colour's faded a little over the months from Turkish delight to a delicate coral pink hue but it tastes lovely, pleasantly medicinal with a hint of pomegranate.
This is my absolute favourite little glass, it has stylised bubbles cut into the sides which makes me think it's 60s. Its partner went the way of my best teacup and succumbed to the Belfast Sink.

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