The man behind the machine, owner of MACHINE-A, Stavros Karelis, who had just told me "It's not Fashion Week until I've seen you Marina".
Awe, the feeling's completely mutual Stavros (yes this is a total love-in and I'm making no apologies!). He then confides that something really exciting's being planned for the business... but more of that later.

Image via MACHINE-A

It's only two years ago that MACHINE-A (Digitaria) popped up, totally left-of-centre, in an old tailor's shop in Soho and quickly blindsided everyone with its conceptual, imaginatively curated yet utterly intelligent fashion. Even Lady G's now a fan.

Designer clothing should look unlike anything else, forget 'pretty', it should be relevant and meaningful and thought provoking and challenging... Think that's why I have such a soft spot for MACHINE-A, both the shop and the extended collective of emerging talent. Can't articulate precisely why but this shop gives me a flutter of excitement in the pit of my stomach.

Like everyone else, I'm still struggling to 'label' the brand's unique sense of editorship - this pleases me greatly because that's the point.
"Oooh, very MACHINE-A" was the best I can do. Coincidentally and completely independently, lovely Michael at Anastasia and Duck blog recently used that very same expression! 

I'll eat my Lina Osterman studded collar if this isn't a Charlie Le Mindu haircut. The hair architect does a regular pop-up salon in the MACHINE-A shop.
What other independent boutique has a shop front like this? Piers Atkinson for MACHINE-A starring Aaron Frew.

Can now reveal that secret... As of today, MACHINE-A also have an ONLINE shop!!! Styled by the inspirational Anna Travelyan, click the image below to see the site.

Machine A Online Store Machine A Online Store Launch
Lots more MACHINE-A people and pics still to come...

MACHINE-A Soho shop
MACHINE-A Online shop


  1. Haha thanks for slipping me in there! I was just looking at a picture of Stavros earlier and thinking "yes please" :-)


  2. love Machine-A and looove these pictures!