The British Art Show 7 @ Hotel Gilchrist

 Artists and hosts, Luca George and Alex Misick.

To coincide with The British Art Show 7, 'happenings' have been happening, in the DIY spirit, at Glasgow's 'Hotel Gilchrist'.

I spot sculptor and film maker Ailsa Margot Mackenzie the second I arrive at last weeks opening. As we supp our (cucumber packed!) gin and tonics in the cramped hallway, a girl appears with armfulls of freshly made donuts, nice touch. It's only when she walks away I notice she's naked from the waist down.

Rather wish I'd seen the donut making facilities before accepting one!

I resist a further invite to help 'communally' mix the next batch. I'm told it's a very "sensuous" experience but can see a chap in the corner who's been left awkwardly trying to conduct introductions whilst having to hold a previously 'battered' arm aloft in the air. 

Last week's artists, Chris Macintyre, Luca George and Phoebe Amis.

After a performance piece over the ping pong table, a man wearing a snorkel and jaunty Tyrolean hat stands on a chair to do a reading and everyone drops to the floor.

These exciting exhibitions at Hotel Gilchrist run for the next 2 weeks.
49 West Princes street
 G4 9BS

Next is 'Episode 7' featuring Sam Derounian.
Opens this Thursday 2nd June 7pm-11pm, (then open 3rd-5th June12-5pm).

Then it's 'Episode 8', the final one, this time featuring Alex Misick's work.
Opens Wednesday 8th June 7pm-11pm, (then open 9th-12th June 7-10 pm) 

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