Rudimentary Perfection - Graffuturism

Matt W Moore (Portland, Maine)

It's starting to hit me just how significant this exhibition is shaping up to be. Already cited as "one of the finest to take place anywhere in the world this year", international graffiti artists have been flying into Glasgow all this week ahead of Recoat Gallery's ground breaking "Rudimentary Perfection" Graffuturism exhibition. 

Curated by the one of the invited artists, the acclaimed Scottish graffiti artist Mark Lyken, this ambitious project also encompasses a number of walls throughout the city. Maps are available from Recoat.

Here's a visual hint of what we can expect from each of the 10 featured artists...

The founder of Graffuturism himself, Poesia (San Hose, CA). 
Who's being picked up from Glasgow airport as I type. Word!

SheOne (London)

Mark Lyken (Scotland)

Mr Jago (Bristol)

Morten Anderson (Denmark/Berlin)

Derm (Edinburgh)

Jaybo Monk (Berlin)

Nawer (Poland)

July's Rudimentary Perfection opens this Friday evening, 1st July 7-10pm, at Kelvinbridge's Recoat Gallery and runs throughout July.

Let's show these guys some Glasgow love, you can just turf up - all welcome!

Rudimentary Perfection Facebook page.

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