Glasgow pioneers Graffuturism...

Morten Anderson (Denmark/Berlin) working on his Chambre 69 Mural.

Curated by Mark Lyken, this weekend's groundbreaking "Rudimentary Perfection" Graffuturism exhibition at Recoat Gallery was a phenomenal success. It saw Glasgow play host to ten international graffiti artists - and they've left us some spectacular souvenirs which you can discover using this map.

Here are my pictures (* denotes where each artist painted in Glasgow).

SheOne (London) *Kelvinbridge.

Nawer (Poland) *Kelvinbridge.

Jaybo Monk (Berlin) *Recoat Gallery.

Derm (Edinburgh) *Glasgow School of Art.

 Augustine Kofie (LA) *Recoat Gallery.

Mr Jago (Bristol) *Chambre 69.

 Matt W Moore (Maine, USA) *Woodlands Community Garden.

 Matt even has his own line of Ray Bans!

 The Godfather of Graffuturism himself, Poesia (San Hose, CA) *South side.

Jaybo Monk with the exhibition's mastermind, Mark Lyken.

Mark Lyken (Glasgow) *Chambre 69 / Bier Halles Glasgow.

Smaller artworks from all the artists are available to buy throughout July at Recoat Gallery.

Click here for a map of all the walls. 

Or jump on your bike and head round to Recoat for 2pm on Sunday 17th July to join the communal bike ride round the city taking in all the murals. Then Recoat for 4pm to see the Rudimentary Perfection film. Details here.


  1. thanks for this - something for me and the girls to do one sunny day in the holidays xx

  2. thanks so much!
    you really got some cracking shots.
    Captures the high spirits of the opening brilliantly!


  3. My pleasure Lyken, I was on a high all weekend.
    Graff~fever! x

  4. I nominated you for 'One Lovely Blog Award' :)