Style Scanner has just been shortlisted by Vogue! - latest fashion first
“Che Camille's Camille Lorigo at the Herriot Watt fashion show.”

Marina Maclean

Started my label in 1997 which has evolved into a couture wedding dress business but Pete Doherty recently asked me to design a Harris Tweed suit for him which he wore to perform at Paris Fashion Week. A small menswear collection is in the pipeline. I started fashion blog in 2009. I have met and photographed some truly incredible people; Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman let me snap her in February!
  • Che Camille's Camille Lorigo at the Herriot Watt fashion show.
  • Charlotte and Cosmo outside the Joseph store in Paris.
  • Model Lauren partying at a Glasgow club in fab black lipstick!
  • Pete Doherty in the Harris Tweed suit I designed and made for him.


  1. ...and truly deserved. My cufflinks will be worth a fortune one day!

  2. Amaze!! I thought about entering this too, but, you know, I procrastinate... Fingers crossed for you!! xxx

  3. Thank you all!
    Douglas, you do know those cufflinks aren't real diamonds...?
    And Duck, I procrastinate too but Will B.B. made me enter - and as you know, he can be rather persuasive... x